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As time goes on, it becomes clearer just how important it is to begin to utilize sustainable energy practices in our everyday lives. With our geothermal services in Shelbyville, you have the opportunity to bring a highly efficient and effective comfort solution to your home!

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How Does Geothermal Heating Work in a Residence?

In an effort to utilize natural resources, geothermal heating operates by employing the temperature of the earth. About 10 feet below the surface, there is a constant source of heat available, just waiting to be harnessed. The innovative technique of geothermal heating uses dedicated heat pumps to channel this supply of energy. 

First, a chilled refrigerant fluid soaks up the warmth and carries it to a compressor. This compressor raises the temperature again, along with the pressure, and then transfers the heated refrigerant throughout the rooms. As the heat is transferred to heat up the cooler air in the house, the newly chilled refrigerant returns to the ground. From here, the refrigerant is ready to start the process all over again by being reheated by the earth’s natural warmth.

What Are the Benefits of a Geothermal Heating System?

Although it is still a relatively new innovation, geothermal heating has rapidly become a favorite of homeowners across the country. This sustainable supply of heat is much more efficient and reliable than other forms of heaters.

Geothermal heating has become extremely popular because:

  • It is an eco-friendly source of renewable energy – What makes this heating system so sustainable is that it does not require fossil fuels. Since it just transfers the earth’s natural heat and does not consume coal, gas, or oil, it makes practically no harmful emissions. 
  • It can save a lot of money – Since geothermal heating recycles refrigerant over and over again, instead of expending new fuel, it is extremely economical. Residents can often save an average of 80% of their typical costs on energy bills.
  • It is more reliable – Unlike other types of heating systems, which might be affected by fuel shortages or power outages, geothermal heating is constant. Since the heat under the earth is constant, residents will benefit from continual warmth. 
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Where Can Geothermal Heaters Be Installed?

A geothermal heat pump typically needs a certain amount of space for its installation. If there is more land available, the usual system that will be set up is that of horizontal ground loops. Nevertheless, some residents can potentially opt for vertical geothermal heating instead, although this system is not as affordable as a horizontal one. Additionally, the ground needs to be examined to make sure it is suitable. Too many obstacles, from large rocks and tree roots, can disrupt heat transfer rates, so they must be removed. Our experts at Chadwell Comforts can explain more details about which system would work best depending on your unique property. 

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